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Sail To Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge is a little island that sits in the Puget Sound, just off the banks of downtown Seattle. A 20 minute ride from point to point, the Bainbridge ferry takes cars, walk on passengers, and bikers. My favorite thing to do in the summer with my kids is to jump on the ferry and explore the cute downtown area. Typically I like to leave the car behind and either bus or cab to the ferry terminal (so I don't have to worry about parking), and walk onto the ferry. The ferry terminal has been updated to include coffee shops and local brews to enjoy before you depart. While onboard, enjoy snacks and a local IPA or glass of wine. The outside decks on board the ship provide a stunning view of the downtown skyline as you pull away from the terminal. I love being outside and enjoying the salty breeze and beautiful Olympic Mountains in the distance. The kids enjoy looking for sealife, look closely and you might catch a seal paddling around.

Once you arrive into the dock at Bainbridge, it is a quick 5 minute walk up to the main street where you will find many artisan shops. Bainbridge is known to house local artists and those looking for a quieter lifestyle. Bainbridge has a very earthy, organic kind of vibe, but food is not taken lightly. There are a plethora of amazing restaurants to discover. One of my recent favorites is the pizza at Bruciato (pictured below). With high ceilings, and an industrial, rustic feel - the wood fired pizza can't be missed. Further down the way, and tucked into a small courtyard is Fork & Spoon. This tiny spot serves up traditional soup, salad, sandwich - but everything is homemade and delicious. On a busy weekend, you might find it hard to grab a seat, but the courtyard patio out back is a great bonus on a sunny afternoon. After grabbing lunch, my kids will rarely let me miss the wildly popular, artisan ice cream at Mora Iced Creamery. If you are looking for a quick coffee stop, Blackbird Bakery is where you can grab delicious pastries and local coffee.

If you are looking for activities to take your kids to - the Kids Discovery Museum, just off the ferry terminal, is a fun visit. Geared towards kids 6 and under, this children's museum has a mini grocery store, post office, and bank to stimulate the imagination. Upstairs, kids can learn about gravity, gears, and play with the huge Lite Brite wall.

Make sure you plan ahead on busy weekends for the ferry. If you drive on, arrive early when you head back to ensure you get a spot on the ferry. You can check the schedule here. For more information about visiting Bainbridge Island,

Happy Sailing!

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